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  • Excellent Starts with you

    Welcome to the New Balance Sports Research Lab.

    Our mission is to put the body in motion with the most advanced footwear technology on the planet. By joining our team, you are helping our products evolve. Let's Make Excellent Happen.

  • Start by Becoming a tester

    It's Easy! Tell us about yourself in our wear test profile. Once complete, you will be entered into the New Balance Tester Community – a special group of people who are completely dedicated to reaching a superior level of Excellent in sports footwear.

  • Receiving the Prototype

    Our New Balance Sports Research Lab team members will notify you of each new prototype test. Should you choose to accept the "Mission of Excellent," your New Balance prototypes will be sent right to your doorstep.

  • Wear Testing Our Shoes

    Once you have received your shoes, try them on. Then, log into the Wear Test system for further instructions about testing and submitting feedback. Let us know what you think and, most importantly, be honest!

  • Analyze Results

    Our Analysts spend day and night reviewing your test feedback, then submit these insights to our Research and Development Team. This is how your input can have a major effect on future footwear and make Excellent Happen.

  • Excellent Evolved

    We are proud of our products. With your help, we will continue to evolve and enhance the quality, performance, and fit of every New Balance shoe that you find at your local retailer. Join us in our mission. Let's Make Excellent Happen.